Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas

At the end is a little Christmas Card that I put together for Clark to send out to work contacts. I'll admit that I wasn't organized enough to send it out to family/friends. But, that's why you check out my blog, right?
Everyone is getting bigger, getting into school, sports, friendships and hopefully potty training for the youngest. (Think potty training thoughts.)
But I thought that I would make a list of some of my favorite Christmas things. So, with Julie Andrews in the background and with no sort of rhyming or rhythm (bum ba ba bum ba ba)...

*The Festival of Crafts (though not the best this year): has a couple of things that I always pick up: hot chocolate, fudge, bath stuff, doll clothes
*Appetizer Night at Mom's house
*The Nativity put on by our church for the last 30+ years.
*Christmas Music on the radio
*The tree being up on December 1st... the question is when will it come down?
*Candy cane anything: cookies, hot chocolate

Some New Favorites: (bum ba ba bum ba ba)
*Millarville Market
*Watching the kids attempt skating
*EB Ornaments (haven't bought any, but they are nice)
*Snowflake Cookie Crayons

So, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you! And a Happy/Merry what else you may celebrate. Here's to 2011 coming up!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I spent the whole weekend on a Harry Potter marathon with a couple of friends. I had managed to watch #1 with my kids, so we were down to the last 5. 2 movies a night for Friday and Saturday night. 1am bedtimes both nights. I am still recovering. I wasn't able to make it for Sunday so I finished #6 yesterday. There's a little bit of a sadness for me as I see the end of the movies in sight. The books came out in 1997. I was introduced to the first on in 1998. That's a long time to have something that fantastic in my life.
While I'm excited for the next movie (we are going to see it at Midnight on Thursday!) I don't know if I'm ready for the conclusion to happen as well. We have started reading the books to our kids and they have really enjoyed them. My 2 year old even recognized Harry while I was trying to watch the movie without them knowing during the day yesterday.
I just really have a soft spot for such a well written book. Guess that means it'll be time to start looking for a new series. This one though, will be one that I will read over and over again. (Especially now that I have all 7 of them in a nice box set.)
To the Boy who lived!

The tally begins...

I count one, that's one car I've helped push out of the snow. ah ah ah ah (The Count laughing and thunder in the background.) On the first real day of snow, I've already had to get out and help push a car out of the snow that was my street. And, it was a city car to boot. The driver, being from Ontario, I guess hasn't dealt with our kind of winters before. I wish him luck and a steep learning curve as he figures out how to get through the snow.
If our mayor also blog hops as much as he twitters - seriously consider snow removal in the residential areas.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear Clark...

... please forgive me for my persistent commitment to the only night that I actually watch TV - Tuesday nights. I know that you are tolerant of this and I really won't change, unless the TV stations change the night. One day you may learn to appreciate my commitment, but for now, I understand that you just roll your eyes and either sit down and watch, or do something else. It's okay, I understand.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Have you ever?

Have you ever been so unbelievably angry that you were shaking and crying and flooded with such intensity? I can't say that I've had this happen very often. And trust me, I'm a pretty intense (passionate?) person.
Yesterday was that day for me. I know that we should not allow the actions of others affect us, but this did. I've been having problems with one of the companies that I deal with for services. I'm not going to go into details about the company, but suffice it to say, we've had some problems. We set up month withdrawal from this company and they NEVER take the money out on time. N E V E R. Oh, but don't you know, it's a "banking" problem.
So I called the head office to complain. Seriously. Everyone else that I deal with for automatic withdrawals get their money on time. EVERYONE ELSE.
Yeah. The "person" that I dealt with was not very nice. Even as I type this, I can think of several other words that would describe this person. But, the long and the short of it is - this "lady" treated me not only like an idiot, but like she was a scam artist trying desperately to get a quick buck. On top of that, when I did get upset and asked to talk to her manager, she hung up on me.
Needless to say, I was ticked off. Shaking and crying ticked off. Fury just flowing out in emotion that I had no way to channel.
There is no room in my world for people like that. You are offering a service that you are unable to allow me to pay for it on time. You are the business and I am the customer. I don't care if you don't like me getting mad at you. You talked over me, constantly interrupted me, forcing me to pause so you could give me your attitude. And then to top it off, you were cowardly enough to hang up on me.
Just because something has been done the same way for years, doesn't mean it's efficient or effective. And, to top it off, I'm not the only one that has had this problem.
Just venting, and finishing off this angry part of my yesterday. I shall go about today a lot happier and a small pat on my back for trying to make things better for me and those other customers that have been told that there's no point in complaining. I'm going to go dig out from the basement and find my smile again. :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back to School Picture

We had our good friend Liz take our back to school pictures. Have to say I like this better then the ocean or flame background one that our school offered. And despite the fact that my 2 year old didn't want to co-operate, she managed to capture him and the rest of my kids perfectly. Thanks Liz! Want to check out more of her work? Go here.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Why the World, and More Importantly I need CHEESE.

Okay, so we're not talking about the edible variation - though very tasty and versitle in my humble opinion. We are talking even stickier and mushier. The chick flick cheese.

Example. Have you seen Letters to Juliette? I love it. It's simple in story with tiny complexities that are sprinkled in with just people being involved. It has the best part - a happy ending. I'm not into the tragic-more-questions-then-answers ending. That is NOT satisfying to me. Another great thing about the Chick Flick Cheese - you and do the most mundane tasks - like folding laundry - to it. The story is basic, the result is always the same. Would you miss details here and there from the up and down motions of your task? Perhaps, but that's why you watch the movie over and over again. I have seen several different movies that way. Eventually I just sit down and watch from beginning to end, but that it usually when the hubby is out for the evening.

Why does the world need more cheese? We overthink things. Seriously. We are all about the critics and their critiques. Sometimes a light-hearted movie where boy meets girl and a story ensues is good for the soul. Sometimes, the entertainment or "aahhh" factor is fabuolous pick-me-up in the middle of our hectic and crazy lives. Simplicity is not a bad thing. And for me, it's a WELCOMED thing. My life is too complicated sometimes (a chunk is my own doing, but that 's another entry). What is wrong with a little cheese? And better yet, feel free to join me, anytime, for a healthy dosing of some good flavoured cheese.

Here's some of my favourite cheese:

Letters to Juliette
Leap Year
The Young Victoria
Pride and Prejudice (the cheese that keeps on giving - not that way)
A Walk in the Clouds
Sense and Sensibility
My Big Fat Greek Wedding

What is yours?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where did the Summer go?

I finally loaded up my summer pictures onto the computer. First note, I'm typing on a computer missing both shift keys, which slows me down a little bit. It's also made for some interesting spelling. So, bare with me.

We hit the beach and played with friends for the first half, but our first major thing this summer was swimming lessons. Everyone did really well.

Then we headed down to Montana for our usual 2 weeks. We played in the water, with cousins. Rode on the jet ski and learned to wake board. We rode in the boat and went on tube rides. Basically we were outside without TV for two weeks, enjoying the weather (even on the crummier days.)

While it is always sad to come home from such a nice vacation, we had a surprise waiting for us. The garden that I had planted this summer - well, it basically exploded! Which is very impressive for this first-time gardener. This has become a very rewarding experience for me. I am so very good at starting projects and so very NOT good (excuse the poor English here) at finishing them. I still have to harvest, but I'm looking forward to it.
And lastly, what would a trip to the beach be, without a mermaid?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Canada Day Long Weekend

Happy Canada Day and Independance Day!
We spent a busy weekend with family and friends. First off to Airdrie for the Canada Day Parade. This year we actually got shirts for all of us, so we were definitely showing off our Canadian Pride. (And of course, I got no pictures.) It's always fun to go to the parade. The kids love seeing the animals and the candy getting thrown in our general direction.
We were also able to celebrate my nephew's first baby. Our family's Canada Day baby.

The weekend was also spent with some good friends and their families. They adopted another boy and the paperwork finally went through. So they were able to be sealed to him and bless him on Sunday. It's always fun to be around friends and their families. You definitely get a glimpse on how they were raised. Love family dynamics.

We missed fireworks for 4th of July. Always a sight to see and I would say something that my hubby LOVES to see.

This week is pretty laid back in our Summer Vacation awesomeness. Next week - swimming lessons!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting there...

I actually have something growing. Impressive considering the rain, lack of sun and any sort of knowledge on my part. But, we are getting there. (Ignore the weeds in the second picture, they are going to be gone soon. ) So in order: Pumpkin, Peas, and Tomatoes. The last picture is my herbs and lettuce... a lotta bit water logged from all of the rain. They may be a lost cause. I'll give them a little bit and then may have to resort to seedlings. We'll see. Hooray for my garden!

Friday, June 11, 2010

2 Weeks Left...

...until summer vacation! I love summer vacation. Don't get me wrong, I love that my kids are busy during the school year, but it's so nice to have a lack of schedule for a little bit. I don't have to worry about making sure homework is done and lunches made. The kids go to bed later, but they sleep in. No paperwork to fill out and money to send to the school. Instead, we hit the beach until I'm guaranteed that my tan won't start fading until at least November. We see family and hit attractions around town. All in all, summer is great.

We have a couple of things that we do almost every year. The Canada Day parade in Airdrie in one. Going to the lake in our community is another. But, one of my favorites is always going down to Montana. The kids are entertained. We watch very little TV. We just eat healthier and are outside until bedtime. I love it! It is a TRUE vacation for me. Very little effort on my part to keep everyone busy and I NEVER hear - I'm bored! Most planned vacations for our family are very busy - gotta get everything crammed in cause we aren't usually sure about when we'll be back. But not going to Montana.

What about you? Summer Vacation plans in the works? Or better yet, do you have a favorite vacation tradition or past exploration that you love (still England for me)?

Good luck to everyone as their summer starts (and starts soon.)

Friday, May 28, 2010

My Mood is Like the Weather...

... a little bit on the yo-yo end. Oh well, this too will pass, (we all hope.) Anyway, I was feeling a touch lazy and thought that an update would be good. Or a good distraction. Whatever the case may be.
On to the distraction.
For the last couple of years, on the May long weekend, we have gone to the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller. It's an amazing Dinosaur museum that our kids have loved. And usually the weather is gross on the Monday of the long weekend, so it works out well. We even invited the Morrisons to join us, cause a road trip is always better with friends, right? I am finding that we even have a good feel for the museum now. I love that it's a place that my kids want to go to and I frankly, like a good museum. And I even have proof that we showed ups as well as our kids! How great is that? Thanks to the Morrisons for joining us!

And, the Saturday before... I managed to get Clark to build me some planter boxes! I've been toying with the idea of a garden for a couple of years now. Got some books, happily read through them and never did much else. Well, as part of the year of actually finishing projects, this is one step closer to getting that done! Now, snow, go away for the summer so that I can get a garden planted!

Doesn't it look nice? It'll look better with a garden!

Speaking of garden and snow, here's some of my plants, in planter boxes of their very own, hanging out with us inside. Wasn't that nice of them? I have seen a couple more that I wouldn't mind getting, just to get things started this year. I'll need to plan better next year. But, one thing at a time, right?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Some randomness....

So, I planned a little party of sorts for my 30th birthday - a trip over to the movie theatre to see Iron Man 2. It was so fun to see my entire family (that's in the city - missed you Lara) there and some really good friends as well.
Let me just say what an awesome movie. Totally biased opinion. I loved the first one, so I was happy to love the second one as well - even if we were sitting 3 rows from the front on the right hand side.

Thanks again to everyone who showed up. Nice party - no clean up involved. Hopefully you can get out and enjoy the movie as well.

As I look at the calendar there is basically 4 1/2 weeks left of school! Where did this year go? I am so excited for the summer but can't believe that it's so close already. Next year I'll have 3 in some form of formal schooling - from grade 2, kindergarten to preschool. Enoch is so going to be tired of the one on one time!

It's finally warm. Big smiles here.

I have also managed to convince the hubby and a brother to do some digging in preparation for my garden! Getting there, even if it's slowly. Huzzah for getting those goals done!

And lastly, I'm grateful for a chance everyday to get better - at something. Me as a person, things I can do to help my family and friends and things I've learned from said family and friends. Pictures and a little story later.

On a side note: Heard one of the most beautiful baby blessing on Sunday. A lot of love and great expectations for a very special little girl. She will and has touched so many lives already - on top of her family's. And I know that with her very dedicated parents and siblings help - she'll be able to touch a lot more. Rooting for you little Miss M.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



I get up.
Another day, the same

The repetition is hard.
Some days -
Too hard.

Where is my mark?

And then I look outside
My home

And I cry.

These aren't tears of sadness, grief.
It's realization.
That what I do
Is a good work.
Time Honored.

And I should cherish it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reflections of the Last 10 Years

Happy Birthday to me. This is the first birthday in a looooong time where I wasn't working, being pregnant, nursing or generally dealing with little babies (not that I don't love them, cause I do - they are just a LOT of work.) So, I have to say that I was generally excited for this birthday.

Birthdays also make me look back at what I've done - usually in the last year. But with the big 3-0, I was looking back at the last 10ish, trying to figure out what I've done with myself.

So, join me on a little bit of indulgence as I look back....

I took my first plane ride at 19 from Salt Lake to Oakland, California. I graduated from nursing school at 20 from Ricks College (the last group to graduate from Ricks College before it became BYU-Idaho). A long, hard process, but I was glad to have survived.

I got married at 21 (a whole 2 weeks later, but it makes the countdown look more impressive, don't you think?) I also started working at the hospital the week of the 9/11 attacks. I was in orientation when the two towers were struck.
I had my first baby at 23.
I went back to work for a little bit at 24. Our second came a couple of months before I turned 25.
On my 25th birthday, we found out that Clark wasn't getting re-hired with the firm he was working with. We moved from Edmonton to Calgary that summer and bought our first house and eventually our first van.

At 25 (almost 26) and for our 5th year anniversary, Clark and I went to Las Vegas for our first kid-free vacation. We were able to hit Hoover Dam, the Strip and just enjoy the lights and wonders of a Vegas vacation - without our little ones. We even spent a couple of nights in one of the hotels on the Strip.

At 26 baby #3 came along.
At 27 I was able to go to New York City with just the ladies. My first girls only trip. I saw 4 Broadway shows, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Freedom Tower site, and tried out some Frozen hot chocolate. I learned to Jay-Walk "properly" and between my sister-in-law and I, to navigate the Subways.

At 28, baby #4 and we were able to fly with the kids (their first airplane ride) to Florida for a visit to Walt Disney World and Sea World.

At 29 I went to England - twice. The first time, I flew all by myself: First to Amsterdam and then over to London where I wandered around the #1 place I've wanted to go to, by myself for a week with a nervous husband working at his London office. The second time, I was able to bring my parents along for the ride. We even got out of the city!

Our family recently drove (2 1/2 days down, 2 days back) to Anaheim California to go on a family vacation with my extended family: 21 bodies in total. We were able to see Disneyland, Legoland, and the San Diego Zoo. We visited the Mormon Battalion Center and felt some after shocks from an earthquake in Mexico.

On our return, Clark started a new job after working 5 years at the Law Firm that brought us back to Calgary.

I look forward to the next 10 years and looking back on them. I have a bucket list started of things I want to do, places I'd love to go or go back to, and things I want to learn.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Container Gardening

Okay, trying to stretch myself and develop some talents. Plus, it's going to be one of my activities to share with the kids. We are going to grow some veggies and flowers in pots and containers this summer! I know, exciting.

I picked up a book a couple of years ago called You Grow Girl, by Gayla Trail. It was at Wal-Mart and just peeked my interest. I like books and magazines, so it was mostly a "this will be fun to flip through" kind of book versus a "I'd really love to do this."

So that's what I've done the last 2 years. Flipped through the book. I've lost it several times in my house, and I go back to flipping through it when I find it again. I think really it's the Lord saying to me "Here's something you can do, for your family and with your family." I'm obviously slow at getting those kind of hints.

So, I have discovered that Gayla (a Canadian, no doubt) has written a new book called Grow Great Grub. (Say that 10 times fast. No really. Try it. I'll wait... ... ...)

So I'm going to pick that one up. I've picked up seeds. I don't know if they are a stellar brand, but they had fun little cartoon characters on front that grabbed the kids interest, so why not? And if hoarding one more book isn't your thing, she's even got a blog. You Grow Girl. Go ahead, check it out.

We are going to start our seeds this week. I've just got to pick up the dirt. I was hoping for nicer weather to do this little activity outside, but no matter. It'll be something we can do together, and honestly, I'm hoping that we don't have to worry about weeds. I'm very good at pulling the plant and leaving the weed to flourish. So, the goal is to grow some plants, and figure out what they look like when I have enough green space and older kids to commit to putting them in the ground.

Wish us luck!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Back to the Basics...

Organizing and cleaning up my house has made me realize somethings. First is that I'm a pack mouse (not quite hoarder status) and need to let things go. Second is that I have too much stuff. And Third that my childhood was much simpler then my kids. Some of it is society today and a chunk of it is me.
So, I am going to try and go back to the basics. I am a huge fan of free play, but I think a little intervention in my kids lives isn't a bad thing either. So, here's where you come in. Look back into your childhoods and think of at least one of the following: Your favorite craft/activity that you did or have done with your kids OR a favorite snack/treat that you would have (with recipe if you are willing.) I need ideas and less dependance on the electronic devices and pre-packaged snacks - a re-visit to my childhood and why it was good and fun.

So, for example: We are going to attempt a garden of sorts this year. I don't have a lot of ground space so a large portion of our tiny garden will be in containers. A new adventure on both fronts.

Childhood snack: Confetti Squares. You know, the one with colored marshmellows, butterscotch chips and peanut butter. Yummers! I may try and convince my kids to try strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar. It was something that my grandma would feed us every now and again. And, it's actually good.

So there, you have it. Activities and snacks (healthy or healthier cause they're home made.)

Thanks in advance. :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Declaration to The Jones'

(Side Note: Our family just got back from Disneyland and I'm "in between computers." I'll get it up as soon as the computer issue is resolved. Thanks!)

Declaration to the "Jones'".

Dear The Jones'

I hear by declare that I will no longer be keeping up with you. Nor will I try to even compete with you. You cause me too much grief, too much stress. I will never have as nice a house/car/wardrobe/hobby/talent/etc as you and I am going to learn to accept that. Instead of "why me?" I am going to learn to celebrate the diversity of those around me. Instead of feeding the green monster that is perched just in the corner of my brain, I am going to celebrate my friends and family's successes. And perhaps instead of wondering why my house isn't decorated as nicely - I will ask those whose places I now admire how they did it. Perhaps they have a certain style and are just constantly on the look-out for things to make their house nice. Perhaps they just have style. Perhaps I will start there.
I will not wonder in envious amazement at how you, Jones', manage to dress yourself and children much nicer then me. Maybe, we already dress alright and I'm just too busy looking at you, comparing.
I have nice things, Jones'. I am going to appreciate them more, compliment those around me more sincerely and realize that everything has a season -- mine's just going to be a little later. No longer will I worry about my situation in life - it's actually pretty good.
I am going to follow my shopping list a little closer. Saving is cool. Or better yet, debt is not cool. I am going to learn to tackle the house I have, because it's forcing me to do a couple of things: Get rid of junk; Be more aware of what I purchase before I bring home more junk; Organize and furnish our house. And while there are things that really should only be purchased as name brand (waffles, jello, you have a list I am sure), I can buy no-name or second hand a little more.
I am going to get to be better friends (you've been warned) with those who are DIYs. There is merit in learning to build, make and re-purpose other things. Everything doesn't have to be new, Jones'. Really. I am going to finish projects I've started and ask for help (you've been warned). I realize that this is going to be a slow process and I will not always do well. But I will try.
So "The Jones'", let's just be friends. I'm not breaking up with you. It's not you, it's me. Something like that.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"I did it without a man..."

There is something about that phrase that really irks me. (So is my lack of spelling, but that's another post. Focus Kristen, Focus.)
Back to the phrase. There are many things that I am grateful that I have in my life: the ability to vote, get a job, buy a house, etc. And then there is that awful phrase. This thing that I did is great, because I did it without a man.
There are lots of things I do without a man. Clean the house, laundry, dishes, deal with kids all day long. I got my schooling without a man. I've done some travelling without a man. But, there is something fabulous about a man who is supportive and encouraging. I'm looking at going back to do some schooling - totally unrelated to my field. And my man is totally fine with that.
I just think that in the grand scheme of things, there will be a lot things that I will do without a man. But those things won't be the things that I am proud of. The things that I will remember, be proud of, share with those around me, will be the things that I did WITH a man. (Get your mind out of the gutter...) Travelling, children, schooling, careers, talents - all those things that I would be encouraged or joined by my man. And nothing is nicer then a warm man on a cold winter's night. Believe me.
To those who haven't had the opportunity to have a man, keep looking. To those who don't think they need one, you're missing out.
I have done a lot because of my man.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A New Love with New Entertainment

The lease on the van was coming up and due to some technicalities (and luck) we were able to return the van early. I can't say that I was sad to lose the van, we had grown with a love-hate relationship. So for Valentine's Day this year, instead of jewels... I have a brand new Acadia! I LOVE IT! It's such a nice ride, fits 8 and is just a nice change to the van I was starting to loathe everyday. On top of that, we were able to get a new Thule. It carries more and fits on the Acadia much better then the other one would have.

About a month ago, I got 9 ladies together to work on a quiet book for the kids in our lives. It was a pattern that I had purchased. I was so excited to see the work that everyone had done. It's just so great! Good job ladies, I'm so happy with how each page turned out.

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Dinos at the Zoo!

For Family Day, we went and checked out the Dinosaur Alive exhibit at the Calgary Zoo. Several new, anametronic dinosaurs have been added to the 13 old-school ones that were already there. These dinos are pretty fun. It's obvious they're fake. (Yes lady, that's you I'm commenting to. Can't be real cause they're all dead. Sorry you missed the memo. Seriously, it's built for kids, please quit analyzing while we are trying desperately to get past you.) But, they move very well, are on a system, so they don't move all of the time. They do their little sequence, pause for a minute or two, and do it again. So it gives a feel of randomness to their timing. There are also 4 that you can press buttons to move yourself.

At first the kids were a little hesitant, especially my little man. But by the end, all four kids were very intrigued. I also loved that there were a couple of "family" pairings. (See T-Rex and Baby in the pictures.) All in all, we will be going back to check it out again before it leaves in October. There is also a Dinosaur Alive exhibit at the Science Center that we need to take a peek at. Hooray for Dinos!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I think I'm in Love

I have been doing some blog/website hopping today in between picking up from the weekend. I have found a purse that I am willing to spend the money on. (Believe me, it's usually very easy to talk myself out of something on the more expensive: Over $50 end.) I am not a purse girl in any way or form. I have usually gone for function over form, but this one "spoke" to me. Maybe, I'm growing up? Or growing more girl? It's exciting, I must say!

I've mentioned it to my first love (the Hubby) and in his very unadventurous way told me to save up for it. :( Where's the spontaneity? I guess it was wishful thinking to think he would be all excited for me - and willing to purchase it out of the blue. That's okay, I'll get over it. I couldn't save the picture, but here's the link. Check it out and tell me what you think!

Monday, February 8, 2010

What My Children Are Capable Of...

Is frankly a lot more then I would ever think. Now this is more of a positive discovery versus a destructive discovery.
I spent the last 2 weeks learning to love my couch as my back decided that it wanted a vacation. A painful, non-productive (even laid-back vacations can be productive- in the relaxation department) vacation. It was awful and I would never wish my last 2 weeks on anyone.

But, back to the point. As I laid on the couch, contemplating how we were going to survive the day, I eventually had to start getting the kids to help. Caleb was able to get breakfast one morning, Aiden would get Enoch out of his bed for me, Kyrie was happy to help with anything and Enoch was just happy to snuggle. It was a lesson in misery, mingled with the discovery that my children really are more capable of helping out then I let them. So, is that a control thing on my part or a deep-seeded desire not only to take care of them, but perhaps, prolong the kid in them, needing my help? More then likely it is a mix of all of them. Oh well.

But now I'm back upright. Sitting. Standing. Working on getting back to sleeping. It's good to have goals. (And good friends who helped me out with carpooling, meals and just generally calling to make sure that I was still alive.)

PS Just got done Sense and Sensability and Sea Monsters... interesting read.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Year means New Goals...

I am trying to figure out some attainable goals for the next year. The kind of goals that I will actually succeed at. So, here's a couple of little ones, and then one that I'd like to pull off somehow.

First, I have several projects that I need to finish and USE. So, I have already put one of them up on the wall and finished the next one. That leaves 1 1/2 projects currently on my table to finish. I am so good at starting these lovely projects and so lousy at finishing them.

Next I would like to start reading my scriptures daily if I can. I've never been good at that. (Confession there.) And would really like to start. So I have been following the Sunday School schedule. I figured that it was a good way to have some sort of program and keep me on track because I'm in the Nursery now.

The big one: Organize my house. I know that it's an on-going project, but I would like to be a more active organizer. And get the house painted. The paint's old. It's tired and we need to stay a little bit longer so I would like to have it look nice. And put stuff on the walls: Pictures, vinyl something.

There you have it. I am doing well on the first one. Okay on the second and getting better (wince) on the third.

Next project: Quiet books and felt food.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Why I Love Chinooks... and Ibuprofen

Caught your attention, did I? The one thing that I LOVE about the Calgary area in the winter, is the phenomenon of a Chinook. Here's a warm wind that comes from B.C. and the moisture is all sucked out by the mountains and so it's just warm, not wet at all. The best thing is that it brings up the temperature into the positive end of the Celsius scale. Snow melts and we even have a little bit of grass showing. I think of it as our little blessing for living in such long, cold winters. So, I'm wearing a sweater when I go and pick up Caleb today. Hooray for Chinooks!

As to the ibuprofen reference... that's what I'm living on right now so I can function. Sciatica sucks! Thanks to a good friend (Kira) for understanding and pain management suggestions. I've had HUGE improvements (aka I can move again.) Want to appreciate being able to clean? Kill your back so you spend most of your day on it. Will I become the next Martha? Nope. Do I seriously appreciate that I can move again, and take care of my family again? You betcha. Now, I have to remember to pace myself a little more. Off to the Canadian Back Institute this week and the wait list for an MRI. Joy.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pictures of Christmas...

Our Christmas tree, which the kids helped me decorate, "fancy" hot chocolate on Christmas eve and visiting with family (Enoch holding his 2 month old cousin).
We had a good Christmas. Not too crazy busy, but enough to keep us out of the house. We spent Christmas Eve at home this year and it was really nice to open presents with just our family. I could keep track of what everyone got, the kids were happy to take turns opening presents and I managed to stretch it out for about an hour. Then the kids happily played, I cleaned and Clark took a nap. We got to my parent's house at around 11:30ish and spent the rest of the day visiting and playing video games. We even spent the night so that I could go Boxing Day shopping in Airdrie.
New Years Eve was spent at our house. I was happy to discover that while there were a lot of people crammed into my little house, it didn't feel like we were sitting on each other. Hooray for the basement being done! (Pictures coming on that one...)
All in all, a nice break. I'm happy for the schedules again, just not as happy to have them so tight. Next adventure: Disneyland!
Welcome to 2010. Or as Caleb put it, "Hey, 2010 looks like 20 and 10!