Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 2011

I have been a bit awol this last month.  Sorry about that, things have been crazy around our house.  Nothing really major, just a lot going on.  I have been in the kid's classroom a lot, helping out there and working a little bit more then I thought I would have been.

I hope that this finds you happy, healthy and ready to go into 2012!  Our computer promptly died, just as I was going to sit down and get the above card made and ready to print.  It took us about 2 weeks to get a new one, thereby making it impossible to get myself organized enough to get it printed.  So may you all have a Merry Christmas, and Exciting New Year and an Amazing  2012.  I am looking forward to a new year, starting up somethings that have fallen by the wayside and working on new things as well.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Last night was the premier of Breaking Dawn.  So a few of us (13) got together to go and see it.  We were able to secure tickets to the "midnight" showing at 10:30 last night.  But, any good opening deserves a good party.  So, the lovely Janae very happily hosted a Pre-Movie party for everyone who was able to come.  It was really well done, lots of black, white and red.  I have to say, she went all out and did an amazing job.  After the party it was off to the movie.  Of course, we had to have our moment with the 3-D movie "poster".  Lots of girls sporting something twilightish, I wore my fangs and eyes and all in all we had a great time.  Thanks to Kira and Janae for an awesome evening, can we do this again, say in 8 months?
This is me all Vamp-ed up!

Blushing Bellas... very yummy and red!

The books, the actors... a reason to show up

Love this display of veggies by Dorienne.  Veggie dish in honor of the "vegetarian" vampires.
 Mushroom Ravioli.  For the uninitiated, this was the first meal Bella had with Edward on their I-Just-Saved-You-And-Would-Like-To-Spend-More-Time-With-You date.

 Kiss-ey picture and lovely gifts decorating the room.

Jacob had to be at the party as well.  Kira even made some "Puppy Chow" in his honor and to recognize the team Jacob crew.

Love the dolls and that Janae borrowed them from some family members.

Why are you covered in feathers Erin?  Looking hot, as usual.
 Amy went a little more subtle on the twilight representation.  I'll let you figure it out.  (She had to tell me, but it's awesome).
Bree's fascinator for Kira.  Loooove it!

Who just eats normal cupcakes at a party?  Ours bleed when you bite into them.  Awesome job, as always Erin.  Love Pintrest!

 Kim, you're awesome!  And Edward's shiny!  I'd kiss him too.

 This is the only picture I had with Janae.  Her shirt says Edward's bride.  Loved the whole get-up
Managed to get a smile out of Andrea, who is one of the team Jacob crowd.  Thanks for representing the other side of the coin!

So glad that Simone was able to get work sorted out so she could come!  It's so fun to see you!  And I'd consider biting you....
I wasn't sure how much sugar Erin was on, but she was craaaazy.  In a good way.  This is why you go to the movie with fanatics.  Their energy and excitement is contagious.  You can't help but be excited WITH them.
Oh Amy, so sultry.  Steve's a lucky guy.
 I'll kiss you Edward.


Seriously, besides the heckling guy that decided to join a theatre mostly packed with women on opening night, the movie was awesome.  It was also awesome when Janea yelled back to him, "Go home!"  He was an idiot, trying to ruin the nice wedding scene at the beginning.  I feared if the heckling continued, he may not have made it out alive.  Justin Bieber may have purple ninjas, but the Twi-Hards have vampires and werewolves.... yeah. 
Now I have Kira trying to get me to read the Hunger Games before the movie comes out.  I may try again just to get it over with, cause I know that she isn't going to give up on me in that regard.  Thanks again ladies and to my dear hubby who was willing to let me go out several nights this week in preparation of last night!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ozzie comes to our House

Kyrie was able to bring home the class mascot, Ozzie the Dragon for the weekend.  Ozzie is supposed to do some activities with your family for the weekend, take pictures and then record what we did.  At first I was worried that we really didn't have anything fun to do with Ozzie, it was a pretty tame weekend.  But we made it work.  And on a side note, I love Instagram.  It's an app from the iTunes store with all sorts of great filters.  I'm hooked. 
Anyway, here is our little "write up" that Kyrie shared with the class.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cirque du Soleil

First off, I think I checked the spelling of that.  Clark and I first saw a show in New York, mostly because his original plan fell through.  So, off to Zarkana we went.  I think that Cirque du Soleil has a little bit of mystical quality to it, it's not hard to be worried about what the show is going to be like.  But I have to say that we loved it!  There were some amazing acrobatics, of course, but a couple of other acts that were intriguing as well.  So, when I found out that it was coming to town, of course we had to get tickets.  And a show is so much better with friends!  We had 3 other couple join us, Kira and her hubby, The R family and my brother and his wife.  It was spectacular!  And a little chilly and wet outside.  But, that aside, there is something amazing about watching a trapeze act right above you.  And we truly were in the big top.  Ovo rocked, with the bug theme, the giant egg that was being carried around and the music.  Clark and my favourite act was the jumping grasshoppers.  They were the trampoline act and it's crazy the things that they did.  All in all, a fantastic night and I am happy to say that we will probably become Cirque du Soleil regulars!

Kyrie's Birthday Party

For Kyrie's birthday this year, she wanted to go to Heritage Park. I told her that would mean that she could only invite a couple of friends because it would cost a little bit more.  She picked her 2 very good friends from Pre-School the year before.  And we happily invited the boys, and those in my family that could come.  Love going to Heritage Park with my immediate and extended family!  We just have so much fun and it was really a great birthday party!  We even took more time then I originally thought it was going to take, totally making me late for the Relief Society Broadcast!  Happy Birthday Little Miss!

Sometimes the best place to contain the masses, involved a room with a door... and bars.

Kyrie and her two friends!
Going on the Caterpillar, Aiden wanted to ride solo and was thrilled that he was tall enough to do so.
Little Man was also happy that he was tall enough to ride!
The 3 Ladies
We just picked up these weird people along the way. Or maybe, we're related to them.  Can't remember.
It's also called the Kissing Ride.
The advantage to having your birthday close-ish to Halloween... Glow-in-the-Dark fangs!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Day of School

The boys headed back to school before Kyrie... she had staggered entry.  I have such mixed feelings about going back to school.  I love that the kids have something to do, that they learn and that they get to see old friends.  I really don't love getting up early, making lunches and homework.  Oh well, just make sure that we do lots of fun things or nothing at all on days off.
 Caleb's got a sweet pose down.

Not sure what Aiden is up to here.

It's sunny and I'm taking a picture, I know.  I bought Caleb a soccer ball that he could take to school so that he could play with friends and maybe make some new ones as well.

 2 days later, it was Miss Kyrie's turn.  She was so excited!  I'm glad that she has the same teacher as the boys.  I'm a little bit of a creature of habit, and I like knowing who they have.

Enoch was a little disappointed that he wasn't going to school too.  But I did make sure that he got his own Buzz Lightyear lunchbox that I filled with snacks for him to have on our big errand day.

Caleb's Baptism

I am in catch up mode, but I should be all caught up by the next post.  Here's come pictures from Caleb's baptism.  It was really nice that he was able to get baptized the same day as one of his cousins.  Due to some hiccups (missing underwear, clothes that were too large/small) I had to turn around and get things from the house.  I was a lotta bit frazzled by the time I got there, but a friend at least helped out with some pictures for us!  Thanks Lisa.  And a big thanks to all of the friends and family that showed up in support.

Cousins (all on my side)
Caleb's buddy who has since moved to Texas.  We were thrilled that he was able to make it since he moved the next week!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Movies, Travel and Birthdays

Unfortunately due to a funeral, we weren't able to go to my family reunion.  That did mean, that we were able to go to Movie in the Park.  Rio facing our beach and lake!  Caleb was happy to participate in the games, and the prizes that were offered!

Mr. W, showing his horse bouncing moves!

 Our spot with 3 other families!
Caleb showing some hula hoop skills none of us knew he had!

 We went to Clark's grandma's funeral on the weekend, and I didn't pull the camera out.  And then for fun, my mom, sister, boyfriend, kids and I headed to Cardston on the Monday after to check out the temple!
 Caleb's the budding photographer.
And we celebrated Enoch's 3rd birthday!  He was so excited to be having his birthday party, especially after watching the older boys have theirs.
 His favourite toy - Hulk Smash Monster Truck!
And it rained that night and we got a great view of a huge rainbow.  Happy Birthday little man.  We're really glad to have you as a part of our family!