Monday, September 20, 2010

Why the World, and More Importantly I need CHEESE.

Okay, so we're not talking about the edible variation - though very tasty and versitle in my humble opinion. We are talking even stickier and mushier. The chick flick cheese.

Example. Have you seen Letters to Juliette? I love it. It's simple in story with tiny complexities that are sprinkled in with just people being involved. It has the best part - a happy ending. I'm not into the tragic-more-questions-then-answers ending. That is NOT satisfying to me. Another great thing about the Chick Flick Cheese - you and do the most mundane tasks - like folding laundry - to it. The story is basic, the result is always the same. Would you miss details here and there from the up and down motions of your task? Perhaps, but that's why you watch the movie over and over again. I have seen several different movies that way. Eventually I just sit down and watch from beginning to end, but that it usually when the hubby is out for the evening.

Why does the world need more cheese? We overthink things. Seriously. We are all about the critics and their critiques. Sometimes a light-hearted movie where boy meets girl and a story ensues is good for the soul. Sometimes, the entertainment or "aahhh" factor is fabuolous pick-me-up in the middle of our hectic and crazy lives. Simplicity is not a bad thing. And for me, it's a WELCOMED thing. My life is too complicated sometimes (a chunk is my own doing, but that 's another entry). What is wrong with a little cheese? And better yet, feel free to join me, anytime, for a healthy dosing of some good flavoured cheese.

Here's some of my favourite cheese:

Letters to Juliette
Leap Year
The Young Victoria
Pride and Prejudice (the cheese that keeps on giving - not that way)
A Walk in the Clouds
Sense and Sensibility
My Big Fat Greek Wedding

What is yours?


Bree Johnson@MODSBLOG said...

i saw this movie on the plane to hawaii and i loved it- i agree we need more happy endings.
I love...
father of the bride
cool runnings
while you were sleeping
ever after
50 first dates
mrs doubtfire
i see girls movie night coming on!

The Pratts said...

Bring on the cheese. Love it! My faves:
You've Got Mail

Canadiachik said...

Great post! These are some of my own go-to favs when I have some craft/sewing/ironing to do. I could *and do* watch them over and over:

bride & prejudice
scarlett pimpernel
big fat greek wedding
pride & prejudice (kiera & collin versions)
dan in real life
Man from snowy river & return to
runaway bride
bride wars
300 days of summer
family stone
sense & sensibility

recently I've been watching drop dead diva...and loving it :)

Cherie said...

I always think of you whenever someone mentions "Ever After". I still can't believe how many times that show was watched in our apartment.