Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why I LOVE Edible Arrangments

Like any woman, I love flowers. There's something nice about having some fresh plant-life in the house, to bring the garden inside. My loving husband just doesn't feel the same way. His response: Flowers die, why would I buy you something that's just going to die? It's a fair arguement on his part, but I like flowers.
Then we discovered Edible Arrangments. This love-affair started as an ad in a magazine on the plane and has "blossomed" (flower pun) into reality as Calgary has been blessed with this company's arrival. And now that there's a store on our end of town-- heaven.
Here's the latest of my gifts from the hubby (thanks hubby!). Chocolate covered strawberries... Chocolate, always good, and the strawberries were to die for. There's just something so satisfying about chocolate with fruit. Healthy meets heavenly.
The moral of this story: If your hubby is anti-flowers like mine, this is the better alternative.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Picture Tag...

I've been tagged by a good friend for the "Picture Tag." Here's the deal. Look in your picture folder, find the 4th file, and the 4th picture in that file. Post it and tell everyone what it's about. So here's the very blurry picture. This one I took in June of the this year on our way down to Montana for a weekend vacation. So I tag anyone that looks at this entry and comments... you know who you are!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Win this quilt

I really love that there are people out there willing to do those things I don't have the patience for. Here's one of those ladies. Check out her blog to see this fabulous quilt! She's just loaded with talent. Also, put your name in for the draw before tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I love Halloween!

I love Halloween. It's just fun and a little bit creepy all rolled up into one. I really love buying my kids the Halloween shirts that you can get from Old Navy. They are really cute and witty. So, for your viewing pleasure....

I'm actually impressed that I got the older boys to smile so well. Kyrie wasn't feeling well that day, poor thing. And Enoch, well, his shirt just "tells it like it is."

Okay, so I was surfing around the internet and one of the blogs that I was reading mentioned a Jane Austen movie called Persuasion. I had never heard of it, so I checked out the story and watched what I could on YouTube. It was interesting but I know that I had missed a chunk when I couldn't find the middle of the movie. So, I found it at Best Buy, picked it up and watched it. I love Pride and Prejudice, so I was hestitant. I think I actually really liked it. We'll see how much so, the more times I watch it. So, here's the cover for all you Jane Austen fans, go check out something new! (I'll tell you what it does do, makes me want to go check out the UK more and more.)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pink for October!

I'm going pink for October for Breast Cancer Awareness! Those who know me know I don't have any love for pink (even though my little girl wears a LOT of it!) But, any cure for any cancer is a good thing to me. So, I'm happy to join in the awareness of it!
Happy October!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October means....

Pumpkins! The kids decorated their own foam pumpkins with some minor supervision from me, only to make sure that all of the glitter doesn't get used up on one pumpkin! Hope that you are getting excited for Halloween as much as we are!

Kids and their Darndest Things...

Every once a while I write little phrases or saying of the kids in their journals. I also write in their journals every once and a while. I thought that I would try to share a little with you.

Kyrie: "Boys! Boys! Come down stairs now." (Kyrie calling Caleb and Aiden down for supper... sure enough, they didn't rush down.)

Aiden: "Mom do you know what my favorite animal is? Scary dinosaurs... they're so cute."

Caleb: "What did you do today when I was at school mom?" Caleb asks me this every time I pick him up from school.