Sunday, August 28, 2011

Movies, Travel and Birthdays

Unfortunately due to a funeral, we weren't able to go to my family reunion.  That did mean, that we were able to go to Movie in the Park.  Rio facing our beach and lake!  Caleb was happy to participate in the games, and the prizes that were offered!

Mr. W, showing his horse bouncing moves!

 Our spot with 3 other families!
Caleb showing some hula hoop skills none of us knew he had!

 We went to Clark's grandma's funeral on the weekend, and I didn't pull the camera out.  And then for fun, my mom, sister, boyfriend, kids and I headed to Cardston on the Monday after to check out the temple!
 Caleb's the budding photographer.
And we celebrated Enoch's 3rd birthday!  He was so excited to be having his birthday party, especially after watching the older boys have theirs.
 His favourite toy - Hulk Smash Monster Truck!
And it rained that night and we got a great view of a huge rainbow.  Happy Birthday little man.  We're really glad to have you as a part of our family!

More Summer Stuff.

Some more from our summer.  The week after we got back from Montana, we "helped" entertain my youngest sister and her man friend as we showed him around Calgary and area.  First on the list: Banff (of course!)  We found these gardens in the town, called the Cascade Gardens.  I had actually never been to them before.  I mean, with the Candy and Christmas store, are there other things in Banff?  The garden had a lot of gazebos.

A really beautiful bridge.

The bridge even came with some grouchy kids to pose for me.  Isn't that nice of the town of Banff?
Some lovely benches and lots of flowers!
This is the government that is along the gardens.  Honestly, I do wish we had more brick buildings like this one.  I love the grays and browns in the brick as apposed to the red brick.  Not that I don't love red brick.  Cause I do.

Banff Springs Hotel.  We even met the liaison for the hotel, a nice guy in a kilt.  He even gave us a little history about his outfit.  It actually got the kids attention for 10 seconds.  After that, we did hit the candy and Christmas stores.  Not really any pictures of that due to child wrangling.  But, we got sugar and some really great decorations that I let the kids pick out.  I buy them one every year and put it in a box for when they move out.  So, check that off my list.

My poor car got a lot of mileage.  The next day we were off to Drumheller!  And for some reason, my oldest has decided that he would really like to take pictures, so here we are.
And of course if one gets to take a picture, the others do too.  #2 took this one, which is pretty good actually.
#4 loves dinos!  And having his picture taken!  Need I say more?
We've been here enough to know what's next.  The kids know when we hit "the bubbles" that we are that much closer to the dino bones and statues!  And frankly, the bubbles are cool.
#3 taking a turn.  No, I didn't do anything to blur her out.  It's all her, baby!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Montana Living... here we come!

As we do every year, we headed down to Montana for a few weeks.  It's always fun to see family, spend time in the lake and just enjoy the summer that is before us.  We were even blessed with enough sunshine to more then make up for the last 2 years!  As always, a running tally of the things that we did.

The Boys kicking back and trying to enjoy the tube ride.  Aiden was brave this year and actually got on the tube!  He actually went a lot!  I don't think that I had any pictures, but Enoch also went on the tube a fair bit this year.

This is what happens when the tube gets flipped hard enough.  Not to mention that Caleb was fully clothed when that happened, ripping a pair of jeans.  Not mentioning that.  One bit.

Caleb taking the swan/face plant dive off of the dock.  The kids did a lot more swimming this year, which I was really happy with.

Double Tubes with cousins!

We had a great view of these wild flowers the 2 weeks we were there.  My father-in-law had them mixed in with the grass seed and we all agreed that it was an excellent idea!

Diving not your style?  How about cannonball?

My brother-in-law wiping out on the air ski.  If you can't get up on the air ski, you'd better be ready to pull out some fantastical wipe-outs instead.

Feeding the ducks and geese at the Woodland Park.  They weren't nearly as aggressive as they have been in years past.  Perhaps people stopped feeding them and this generation doesn't know that people exist for feeding?  We'll never know.

Clark and 2 of the boys on the jet ski.  They spent a lot of time looking for turtles, eagles, fish, etc on the jet ski in the more quiet (if that's at all possible) part of the lake.  Secretly, I think Clark was just trying to get some quiet time as best he could.

My sister-in-law, her niece and Caleb.  I spared the niece the more entertaining pictures of her face as they hit some sharp turns.  Fun to look at.

Another past-time for Clark to find zen: fishing.  He had to coax Enoch down to actually "catch" the fish.  But, he's happy that he went!

Wake Boarding ala Caleb

Random picture... what's this?
My father-in-law and one of the younger granddaughters
Best Friends and Cousins... and Kyrie's closest thing to a sister.
There was a lot of Kayaking this year, which was awesome!
Caleb getting fancy with the skis.
My first attempt at wake boarding... this is me getting up just before I face-planted!
3 cousins close in age, there's another group like this.  I'm excited to see these kids grow up and start playing together.

Lip Sync/Dance on the dock.
Getting some air on the tube.  As always, love being in Montana, and seeing family.  I'm really fortunate that I get along with Clark's family and I'm glad for all of the fun we have.