Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Growing Kids

I have just realized that my kids have sprouted on me... all of them! I looked at Caleb's pants and realized they are hitt his ankle... Aiden, Kyrie and Enoch, all suffering from this same phenomenon. I had the sad impression that I was on top of that, and here we are - all needing new or the previous owner's clothes! Caleb and Kyrie will be getting some new pants and shirts this weekend and Aiden and Enoch will be recieving the hand-me-downs. And everyone needs new shoes - right before we need new boots! AAAHHHH!

I always like to tell Caleb to quit growing. He just rolls his eyes and says "I can't stop growing mom."

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Phrases I've taught my children.

For better or worse there are phrases, sayings, and other exciting things that have come out of my mouth and promptly engrained into my children's.
1. "That's not on sale." This has been my lifesaver. It's so much easier to swallow "Is this one on sale mom?" then "Can I have this one?"
2. Mom: What do you do if there's a problem? Kids: Tell Mom. That's the phrase I go over with Kyrie and Aiden before I hop in the shower.
3. Mom: You get what you get... Kyrie: And you don't get upset. I don't even think she realizes I am talking about her, but she seems to get a serious kick out of that one.
4. Mom: Does whining get you what you want? Child:No.
5. Child: Can we get a treat? Mom looks at child with raised eyebrow. Child: If we're good, right?
6. Mom: If you keep doing that... Caleb: You'll go mental?

Any of you have some phrases that I should/should not teach my children? As Clark and I always say to each other after a tough day with the kiddies: Why did we have kids again? Oh yeah, cause they're amusing and we have no self control!