Monday, May 17, 2010

Some randomness....

So, I planned a little party of sorts for my 30th birthday - a trip over to the movie theatre to see Iron Man 2. It was so fun to see my entire family (that's in the city - missed you Lara) there and some really good friends as well.
Let me just say what an awesome movie. Totally biased opinion. I loved the first one, so I was happy to love the second one as well - even if we were sitting 3 rows from the front on the right hand side.

Thanks again to everyone who showed up. Nice party - no clean up involved. Hopefully you can get out and enjoy the movie as well.

As I look at the calendar there is basically 4 1/2 weeks left of school! Where did this year go? I am so excited for the summer but can't believe that it's so close already. Next year I'll have 3 in some form of formal schooling - from grade 2, kindergarten to preschool. Enoch is so going to be tired of the one on one time!

It's finally warm. Big smiles here.

I have also managed to convince the hubby and a brother to do some digging in preparation for my garden! Getting there, even if it's slowly. Huzzah for getting those goals done!

And lastly, I'm grateful for a chance everyday to get better - at something. Me as a person, things I can do to help my family and friends and things I've learned from said family and friends. Pictures and a little story later.

On a side note: Heard one of the most beautiful baby blessing on Sunday. A lot of love and great expectations for a very special little girl. She will and has touched so many lives already - on top of her family's. And I know that with her very dedicated parents and siblings help - she'll be able to touch a lot more. Rooting for you little Miss M.

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Cherie said...

Happy 30th birthday!!!