Monday, March 1, 2010

New Dinos at the Zoo!

For Family Day, we went and checked out the Dinosaur Alive exhibit at the Calgary Zoo. Several new, anametronic dinosaurs have been added to the 13 old-school ones that were already there. These dinos are pretty fun. It's obvious they're fake. (Yes lady, that's you I'm commenting to. Can't be real cause they're all dead. Sorry you missed the memo. Seriously, it's built for kids, please quit analyzing while we are trying desperately to get past you.) But, they move very well, are on a system, so they don't move all of the time. They do their little sequence, pause for a minute or two, and do it again. So it gives a feel of randomness to their timing. There are also 4 that you can press buttons to move yourself.

At first the kids were a little hesitant, especially my little man. But by the end, all four kids were very intrigued. I also loved that there were a couple of "family" pairings. (See T-Rex and Baby in the pictures.) All in all, we will be going back to check it out again before it leaves in October. There is also a Dinosaur Alive exhibit at the Science Center that we need to take a peek at. Hooray for Dinos!

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Anonymous said...

oh yes, we love the dinos! Sounds like the perfect Family Day activity!