Saturday, September 10, 2011

Caleb's Baptism

I am in catch up mode, but I should be all caught up by the next post.  Here's come pictures from Caleb's baptism.  It was really nice that he was able to get baptized the same day as one of his cousins.  Due to some hiccups (missing underwear, clothes that were too large/small) I had to turn around and get things from the house.  I was a lotta bit frazzled by the time I got there, but a friend at least helped out with some pictures for us!  Thanks Lisa.  And a big thanks to all of the friends and family that showed up in support.

Cousins (all on my side)
Caleb's buddy who has since moved to Texas.  We were thrilled that he was able to make it since he moved the next week!

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