Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kyrie's Birthday Party

For Kyrie's birthday this year, she wanted to go to Heritage Park. I told her that would mean that she could only invite a couple of friends because it would cost a little bit more.  She picked her 2 very good friends from Pre-School the year before.  And we happily invited the boys, and those in my family that could come.  Love going to Heritage Park with my immediate and extended family!  We just have so much fun and it was really a great birthday party!  We even took more time then I originally thought it was going to take, totally making me late for the Relief Society Broadcast!  Happy Birthday Little Miss!

Sometimes the best place to contain the masses, involved a room with a door... and bars.

Kyrie and her two friends!
Going on the Caterpillar, Aiden wanted to ride solo and was thrilled that he was tall enough to do so.
Little Man was also happy that he was tall enough to ride!
The 3 Ladies
We just picked up these weird people along the way. Or maybe, we're related to them.  Can't remember.
It's also called the Kissing Ride.
The advantage to having your birthday close-ish to Halloween... Glow-in-the-Dark fangs!

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