Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 2011

I have been a bit awol this last month.  Sorry about that, things have been crazy around our house.  Nothing really major, just a lot going on.  I have been in the kid's classroom a lot, helping out there and working a little bit more then I thought I would have been.

I hope that this finds you happy, healthy and ready to go into 2012!  Our computer promptly died, just as I was going to sit down and get the above card made and ready to print.  It took us about 2 weeks to get a new one, thereby making it impossible to get myself organized enough to get it printed.  So may you all have a Merry Christmas, and Exciting New Year and an Amazing  2012.  I am looking forward to a new year, starting up somethings that have fallen by the wayside and working on new things as well.



Cherie said...

You and your CAKE are so cute! I wish you had sent us a card so I could admire your cute hair all year long.

Kira said...