Sunday, August 28, 2011

Movies, Travel and Birthdays

Unfortunately due to a funeral, we weren't able to go to my family reunion.  That did mean, that we were able to go to Movie in the Park.  Rio facing our beach and lake!  Caleb was happy to participate in the games, and the prizes that were offered!

Mr. W, showing his horse bouncing moves!

 Our spot with 3 other families!
Caleb showing some hula hoop skills none of us knew he had!

 We went to Clark's grandma's funeral on the weekend, and I didn't pull the camera out.  And then for fun, my mom, sister, boyfriend, kids and I headed to Cardston on the Monday after to check out the temple!
 Caleb's the budding photographer.
And we celebrated Enoch's 3rd birthday!  He was so excited to be having his birthday party, especially after watching the older boys have theirs.
 His favourite toy - Hulk Smash Monster Truck!
And it rained that night and we got a great view of a huge rainbow.  Happy Birthday little man.  We're really glad to have you as a part of our family!

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Jenn said...

Great Movie, Great Temple picture of the kids. It's frame worthy. Great bouncing Mr. W. Thanks for capturing. I was a lazy bones with my camera that night (and with cheering the kids on for that matter). HaPpY BiRtHdaY Enoch. He's SO cute.