Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why is my child still up when I'm so tired?

It's 10:42pm, and American Idol is on. And Kyrie is still up, watching it. She really loves musicals and so I think she's just happy to hear the music. She'll sit in the car and sing to the music. The only problem is, she's a bit on delay. I love that she sings and dances, so different from my boys. I can happily sit on the couch and watch a musical with her. I have to admit, that I was nervous about having a girl after the 2 boys. Boys are physical and rough, but I was definetly used to it and didn't know if I could handle the emotional range of a girl. There are days when we butt heads (which is sad cause she's only 2) and other days when she climbs up in my lap and hangs out. Ah, my Kyrie girl! Love you. Now all I have to do is figure out how to bottle up a child's energy and sell it and I would be rich FOREVER! Wahahaha... uh I mean, awkward. ;)


Stephanie M Larsen said...

Such a sweet post. It will be so sweet for Kiri to read these when she's older and know adored she was a little tyke.

motherofangels said...

Love the post Kristen... Hey I heard your spranged your ankle?? Do you need anything? A purple elephant, a pink parasol... You name it!!! :)