Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hitmen Hockey Game

So Tuesday we went to the Hitmen game at the Saddledome. Clark was actually able to get the firm's box for the game totally last minute. I love going to things in the box, I'm really spoiled in that regard. So, when several people backed out being able to go (can't imagine, it was last minute,) we decided to take the whole family. I have to admit I was a little hesitant. I knew Caleb would be able to handle it, and actually he was totally enthralled. Aiden and Kyrie had a hard time, but we were contained in the box seats. That was our saving grace. And Enoch, was very fascinated by it all. We had a couple of friends also join us. I still feel bad for the girl that had to clean up after us, even though she did assure us that she'd had to clean up much worse. (As my always complaint, forgive the poor quality of these pictures... I need a new camera.)

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