Thursday, January 8, 2009

What to do for a Party?

Clark and Kelly turned 30 on the 5th! It's a little surreal for me. We met when he was 20 and to think we've known each other for 10 years already! We did a little family dinner on Monday and Jen and I are throwing an open house style party on Saturday. But onto the real post...

Aiden's birthday is in March. I don't start doing real birthday parties until they are 4 -- just the appriciation factor on my part. And then we only do parties every other year, I'd like to spend my money on groceries and clothes not just parties. So, I asked him what kind of party he wanted. What did he ask for you are wondering? That's right a Lightening McQueen party.

Who's Lightening McQueen? You obviously don't have little boys in your household. He is from the Disney movie Cars. Which is the BEST Disney boy movie that we have seen. It's so easy toy, clothes, accesory-wise for a little girl. Boys get a little bit left out. But then came Lightening McQueen. Anyway, I like to have a couple of different activities for the party so I'm looking for ideas. PLEASE feel free to send them my way! Thanks in advance.


Amanda said...

Have the kids take cheap dollar store cars and decorate them with stickers. Then have mini races where magically every one wins a "piston cup".

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

make a lightning mcqueen car out of a refridgerator box and le tthe kids take a 'ride' in it and get a photo op to be given later/or/ polaroid. or print out from computer.

Or...... we always do the pinata in the basement filled with dollar store goodies.

I'll keep thinking!