Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Summer Stuff.

Some more from our summer.  The week after we got back from Montana, we "helped" entertain my youngest sister and her man friend as we showed him around Calgary and area.  First on the list: Banff (of course!)  We found these gardens in the town, called the Cascade Gardens.  I had actually never been to them before.  I mean, with the Candy and Christmas store, are there other things in Banff?  The garden had a lot of gazebos.

A really beautiful bridge.

The bridge even came with some grouchy kids to pose for me.  Isn't that nice of the town of Banff?
Some lovely benches and lots of flowers!
This is the government that is along the gardens.  Honestly, I do wish we had more brick buildings like this one.  I love the grays and browns in the brick as apposed to the red brick.  Not that I don't love red brick.  Cause I do.

Banff Springs Hotel.  We even met the liaison for the hotel, a nice guy in a kilt.  He even gave us a little history about his outfit.  It actually got the kids attention for 10 seconds.  After that, we did hit the candy and Christmas stores.  Not really any pictures of that due to child wrangling.  But, we got sugar and some really great decorations that I let the kids pick out.  I buy them one every year and put it in a box for when they move out.  So, check that off my list.

My poor car got a lot of mileage.  The next day we were off to Drumheller!  And for some reason, my oldest has decided that he would really like to take pictures, so here we are.
And of course if one gets to take a picture, the others do too.  #2 took this one, which is pretty good actually.
#4 loves dinos!  And having his picture taken!  Need I say more?
We've been here enough to know what's next.  The kids know when we hit "the bubbles" that we are that much closer to the dino bones and statues!  And frankly, the bubbles are cool.
#3 taking a turn.  No, I didn't do anything to blur her out.  It's all her, baby!

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