Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Now that May has ended...

I seem to have the worst luck loading things up to Blogger.(It's taken me 3 days to load up pictures.) Anyway, April was completely and utterly crazy. It felt like I went from event to event to event. Don't Check Spellingget me wrong, I love being busy, but it felt like a bit much. So much so, that my house suffered more then it usually does.
Easter, 2 Grandma Birthday parties a weekend apart, that was just the beginning.
Clark threw me a surprise party for my birthday in conjunction with the royal wedding! I honestly had no idea what was going on. Thanks to him and my very good friend Kira, I didn't suspect a thing. Everyone came dressed up in honor of Will and Kate's wedding. Very fun!
I was also able to head down to Arizona with 15 other ladies! Crazy, tired, fun, loud, sun, shopping. Just a few words to describe how it went. 4 days with just a bunch of ladies. It was fun to hang out with those that I don't normally do things with and get to know a couple of the ladies a bit better! While some dedicated pool bunnies, I mostly hit the stores, sprinkling the sun in between. There were some great stores that I haven't been to before, or in a really long time. Thanks to Val for such a great weekend!
On the way there. Blue, Pink & a new dress. Hello Kira!
What I do while suntanning.
Crazy fun, a 5.5hour delay, finally brought us home at 4:30 in the morning. That was definitely something I would try again.

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