Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer is Around the Corner

Summer for me begins to feel like it's getting closer (instead of forever away) May long weekend.  It's the time that everyone starts to take care of the yard that was hidden all winter long.  The gardens start to get dug into and we all start to think long and hard about hiding the winter gear until winter again. 
This May long weekend, we went down to the new Cabin to help out building a new playground for the kids.  Now, I'm not really a shopper by nature, but  there's something about this:

That makes me smile and think about the bargains that I will be able to find.  There is also something about the selection that is different then what everyone is wearing around here.  You also can't beat a sale in the US stores.  It's incredible.

Here's the trickiest part of the whole playground.  This slide actually proved to be more work then all three guys thought.  I'm just glad that they were able to finish it up so that the kids can play outside, close to supervision.  And in the background, yes, we are that close to the lake. 
If the sun is out, it must be warm, right?  The kids all braved the cooler water to have a water fight.  I'm just glad that they weren't too adventurous so that I didn't have to get too far into the water.  I'm also glad that there were some great stones to sit on and watch.

We lucked out that weekend, with very little rain until Sunday night.  But, the great thing about a shower during sunset: some great rainbows.  I couldn't make the whole rainbow fit in the picture, but it was awesome!

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