Monday, May 11, 2009

Moping... a little

I finally caved and read Twilight. And the rest of the series. This past weekend. Now, I'm suffering from post book series let down. It always happens to me when I finish a book series. Doesn't matter if it was good/bad/ugly, I'm always a little sad and mopey afterwards. What's a girl to do? Anyone have any good series that they've read? I need a week or two, but I'll be ready to pick up another e-book and plow through it. (Did I mention I love my iPhone?)
So, while I mope here, I may pick up the Twilight movie, just to torture the hubby or watch Pride and Prejudice again, just for the kicks.
Anyway, back to the books. Have to say I was pleasantly surprised by them. (Okay I could do without 1/2 the second book, but that's just me.) It also reminded me a little bit of my own life. I know, cheesy, isn't it? Or sad. Or something. Those who know me, know tidbits of dh and I dating. There was a bit of drama, I'll just say and some sacrificing and some moping, actually. Anyway, it obviously worked out well in the end, but it was nice for the reminder of what great things I do have in my life (and that in regards to the books, my life could be much worse.)
So, glad for my life, my hubby, kids and the ability to get almost anything I want (within reason of course.) So, while I mope, I might as well be sappy about it.
Lucky Clark.


brooke said...

kristen, I just finished the series also, and I feel the same way. and I hated 1/2 of the second book. I quit reading for afew months actually before I finished it!

Newman Nuthouse said...

I hated the second book completly but I finished all four books in five days....anyway I found anita stansfield and all her novels and have read almost everysingle one. LDS author I know cheesy but it helped my post book drama letdown. Miss you tons!

Canadiachik said...

I too experience book letdown!

I've recently read a few gems you might like: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, and Austenland. I really liked both. Have you read The Host?

As for series...on my to-read list are the City of Bones/Ashes/Glass series by Cassandra Clare and the Pellinor series by Alison Croggon.

Are you on goodreads?