Thursday, May 21, 2009

How do Traditions begin?

The last couple of Victoria Day Monday we've gone to the Royal Tyrrell Dinosaur Museum in Drumheller. Not even sure why. Just seems like the Monday always ends up being gross and my boys like dinosaurs. It's always easy to convince my parents to come too cause honestly, who doesn't like an extra set of hands (or 3 or 4)?
This year it was my family and my sister Lara's family. As always, my 2 youngest sisters came along. It was nice to do something indoors out of the rain and with Lara's family. I only have 1 cousin my age, so it's nice for my kids to have a couple that they get along with so well. The nice thing about going once a year, the same old exhibits are tolerable and there's just something awesome about these creatures that roamed the earth so long ago. It's almost surreal because it's not something anyone witnessed and yet we have all this evidence kicking around that states they existed.
Anyway, pics are good in a post, so enjoy our trip. My favorite is the Ammonite that makes an organic gem called ammolyte. Farily pricey and mostly Albertan. Banff jewelery stores have pieces. (And I just got one of my own.)
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