Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Grass is Greener

I have to admit that I am having a "grass is greener on the other side of the fence" moment. I would really love a much bigger house then the one we are currently squished in to. Sigh. But, I like the current lifestyle we have going on right now too. I know a bigger house would mean a bigger mortgage, and so my play money would go into the house again. I keep looking every now and again and I am learning that I either have to stop looking at bigger houses or learn to treat it more as a long-term goal. Perhaps I'll learn to figure out the in-between, isn't that the best place to be? We'll see. With my birthday around the corner, I remember that my family growing up didn't move into our first house until I was 12, my mom was then 32! So, I shouldn't complain too much. Atleast not out loud.
We'll get the basement finished, some painting done and some furniture purchased, and I think that I can survive this house a little bit longer. Anyone up for some renovating? Or better yet, home decorating? Since I have no set style and frankly the mish mash of stuff I have totally reflects that, I often think about those HGTV shows where someone comes in and totally fixes up a room and it looks awesome. We'll get there, it's just slooooow.
Wish me luck.

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