Friday, April 3, 2009

A Vacation and a Difference

We spent last week in Florida, the whole family, with Clark's parents. What a busy, amazing, awesome time. I have never been to a Disney Park before and was excited for the opportunity. It was incredible. I know why people go back over and over again. One of the differences between Disneyland and World is how they are set up. Disney World is divided into Kingdoms, each being a seperate park. So we hit Epcot on day one. Magic Kingdom for two and three and Animal Kingdom on day 4. Then a hit at SeaWorld. The kids did great on the plane and with the busy schedule. I'd say that Kyrie had a couple of meltdowns, but who wouldn't without naps for a couple of days? For pictures, check out facebook. I couldn't set up a scrapbook the way I wanted. We can't wait to go back again.

On a different note.... I always feel like my voice doesn't make much of a difference. I always fill out petitions and send emails for things that I feel strongly about, but don't ever feel like it does anything. But, I have noticed a couple of things that I have helped out with. They are both silly and little, but enough of a postive experience that I'll keep trying. First off, the Joe Line at Superstore. Girl side, is awesome. But I noticed that the baby boy side was next to nothing. So, I thought, what the heck, I emailed them. They gave me the usual "Thanks for your opinion, we'll send it to the right person" garbage and I thought that was the end of it. But, I'd say the last couple of months, I have actually noticed a bump up on the baby boy side. Did I do that? I don't know, but hopefully I helped.
The Second experience was with a local radio station. I listen to Lite 96 most of the time cause I don't have to worry about most of the songs... until a couple of days ago. They started play Hot and Cold by Katy Perry and I noticed they didn't bother to edit the "b" word in the song. I was shocked! I thought I was mistaken until yesterday when I heard it again! So, I emailed them, letting them know I wasn't happy about it. I got an email by the end of the day informing me that they now had it edited! I do make a difference. I haven't heard the song since, but you can be sure that I am keeping a good ear out for it. For me, while it feels like the voice of those who'd like to destroy the things I love are winning, perhaps they wouldn't if I was willing to speak up just a little bit more. And I think I will.


motherofangels said...

So glad you had fun at Disney World. It really is the Happiest Place on Earth! Maybe that is what I want my heaven to be like!! and Good Job for standing up for what you believe in... Most people (me) don't take the time that we shoudl to do just that!

Stephanie M Larsen said...

That's awesome. It's great to post about too, because it helps your readership, like me, feel more empowered and encouraged to make a difference too. Good for you!