Friday, March 13, 2009

Taking Shifts

I'm not a super night owl. More of an, late evening owl. I'm the owl that snags the mouse that was trying to be productive and get on its day early and then crawl into bed. So here it is 12:17 am on a early Saturday morning and I'm still up. Why, you may ask? Or at least I'm hoping cause I'm going to tell you.... just after I go and take my contacts out and put my glasses on. Just wait. I promise I won't be long. Uh, wait.
Okay I couldn't find my glasses. But, I'll find them the second I walk into my room in the morning. Sigh.
I've got 2 sick kids sleeping on the main floor. One is on the couch, the other is on the floor. We figured laminate would be easier to clean then carpet/toys/blankets that cover the floors of their rooms. So since Clark worked until 4:30am yesterday, I'm taking the first shift. And I think after this entry, I'll be catching some winks. Sleepy.
So, it's quiet and I could have worked on my lesson, but that would be productive and honestly, who is productive at 12:25 in the morning? (Time has passed, silly glasses.)
Anyway, I finally caught the bandwagon and watched Twilight. I can see the appeal on the side of the fence that has its fans and I can see the frustration for the other side of the fence. It had such great potential for a story, I could see it underneath everything, but it got lost in the heavy breathing and slow moving. It's unfortunate really, there really was a great story in there. Will I read the books? Who knows. Books always are better then the movie, so perhaps the great story is better displayed. We shall see.
That's all from this sleepy bird. Cross your fingers I can pass out without more throwing up. Thank goodness for plastic bowels, I tell you.
Oh and if this entry doesn't make any sense, please tell me.
Good night/morning.

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