Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Open Door Policy

Our home has an open door policy. It always has and I love it. I even had an apartment with an open door policy when I was at school. There is only one rule with this policy, you take my house as it is and whatever food we shove at you. (We're always shoving food at people. Don't worry, it's good to eat.) I was contemplating that last night. We've been so blessed and the best way to keep those coming is to share. We are happy to visit or have you drop off your kids (there's a time limit for that though - you do have to pick them up eventually.) I have had people come and vent or just come and wash dishes. I just am happy that our home is open and welcoming to whomever crosses its threshold.
Hooray for the Green House!
PS I made cookies if you need an incentive this week!


Newman Nuthouse said...

I miss the open door policy...or maybe I miss the people coming through the door....Oh wait..I just got my own door...I guess I'll just have to wait till people realize its an open door policy!!

I miss you!!!!

Cairns said...

I so need to take you up on this... what are you doing this week? We need to get together.