Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it... be warmer?

There is something about the cold and snow that suggests Christmas to my mind. There's something about the minus whatever weather that suggests perhaps a warmer climate should come to mind. I can't believe how cold it is before Christmas this year. Just goes to show that Calgary weather is just bizzare -- and sometimes us Calgarians are too. ;)
I love pictures of my kids, especially when they are doing something nice, quiet and not crazy. Which, then, as you know, means it doesn't happen very often.
Enjoy our gingerbread house night, random pictures of the kids and some shots of the snow. I'm not sure how to truly capture how cold it is here. Let's just say, "Global Warming" is not a "problem" this year.
Merry Christmas and as Caleb like to remind me, only 8 more sleeps until Christmas!

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Ryan and Jen said...

My dear i have just found a bunch of blogs i didn't know about!! JOY JOY! Another way to keep in touch with my Rock ( did you know that you had that nickname around my house hold- the person i can always go to..) anyhoo, hope you enjoy the cranston ward and we will be missing you!! Looking forward to playdates and excercise class workouts once i am there again and you fill out your paperwork for that new knee brace!!
Much Love