Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Letter

I'm no where near as organized this year to have had my cards all finished, started or even thought of. So, I'm doing the terribly impersonal thing and dedicating today's entry to the "Christmas Letter".
It's been a crazy and hectic year for our household. Clark went to Africa several times over the year. I had our last baby, Enoch. Caleb started school, is playing basketball and giving me a little bit of attitude. Aiden has started to leave the "terror" phase of life and is becoming a nice little boy. Kyrie is my singer, dancer and on a lot of days, my boss. Enoch is just happy to be paid attention to and loves to smile.
We have been getting organized and I'm learning to be okay with the cleaning aspect of life. It's been a hard adjustment but somehow I'm learning to survive. There is something scary and strangly satisfying about entering the realm of the cleaner. Next year? We'll see. I'm not one for resolutions, I can't get laundry done, why resolve to do something I can't get done too? I am about setting goals that I can finish. So, I'm working on my list of things to learn and things to get better at. So, I guess in that respect, my resolution. And of course any letter is better with a picture.

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