Monday, June 15, 2009

Empty Buckets....

Our Relief Society is still on the post-retreat high from this past weekend. It was so nice to visit, eat, laugh, eat, be goofy,and eat, just as sisters, mothers, sisters in the church, whatever you want to (eat) call it! Our RS still had a little feel of Auburn Bay group, Cranston group and I would like to think that a lot of that has been blurred. At least for me anyways.
I hit a temple session before starting the festivities with a couple of ladies from the ward. It was nice, calm and quiet. Something I haven't felt in a while, worrying about kids and going on a Saturday.
Kelly gave a great message about sacrifice. She encouraged us to find something that we needed to do (ie scripture study), figure out the time we could sacrifice (ie 15 minutes) and then double that, creating a true sacrifice.
Then the night was filled with games, talking, quilt tying and just getting to know each other in a true girly fashion.
The next day involved a loose list of things we could do before heading home. I just loved it! What a great way to get to know people better and to get together!
The theme for this event was filling our empty buckets, one drop at a time. It was a nice call to remember that while we as women give and give until our buckets are empty, we do need to do things to fill it back up again. Can't give everything you have when there's nothing left to give.
Love you ladies that came and missed the ones that weren't able!
(I had so much fun that I forgot to pull out my camera and take pictures, sorry about that! While a post is good with words, it's better with a picture. Enjoy!)

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