Sunday, June 28, 2009

Caleb's Birthday Party

Last Saturday I did the brave and noble thing and hosted a birthday party for Caleb. He invited 9 boys (8 made it, why can't my parties have that great a turn-out?). The theme was a Super Hero Training Camp. Doctor Disaster and Commander Chaos were threatening to take away Summer Vacation, along with other dasterdly deeds. It was our job to train to become Super Heros.
First the boys picked out their Super Hero name, power and drew a costume. They each made Dog Tags (we were at a training camp, of course.) We needed to find and remove all of the Kryptonite in the area. Then we had to learn to aim at villians with water balloons. We played blob tag for team work and then went through the obsticle course at the park. When we returned, we discovered that the villians had stolen the birthday presents! It was time to cape-up, armed with silly string to take them down. The villians were soon located and I'm happy to say that the Super Heros won the day and the presents were soon returned. Caleb had a great time, with a fun cake and a lot of presents!
On a side note, a good dad and uncle are ones that are willing to dress up silly and be attacked by 10 crazy little boys.

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