Sunday, November 23, 2008

Season of Reflection

I find that this time of year is not only full of winter and Christmas (and Thankgiving for those south o' the boarder) but also a time of reflection. We look back at the accomplishments of the year, try to forget the big mistakes (but maybe not the lessons) and look forward to the new year, with its clean slate to fill. I'm never good at Resolutions, I find they are something I feel good about, make to break two seconds later. But, I do have a wish list of things that I would like to get through this year.
1. Get the house cleaned up, organized and generally presentable to the General public, generally.
2. Look into a couple of different classes. (I have another list of things I would like to learn.)
3. Become more aware of those opportunities to serve and to continue to teach children my how to serve.
4. Crack open a good book. (Perhaps the scriptures?)
5. Look for the happiness in my life and try to spread a little bit to those who come in contact with me.
What about you? Wish list for you and your family? Something attainable maybe? As we put up our Christmas tree in the next couple of days, I look around at my home, which is clean right now and I'm grateful for the chance I've had to look a little out of the box, help a friend who helps me out with great results.

Happy Relfections, but more importantly, Merry Christmas! Let's enjoy the season this year inspite of the commercializm, the chaos and just remember the greatest love that we celebrate - the birth of Jesus Christ.
PS Got a countdown to Christmas on the bottom of the blog, check it out!

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Stephanie M Larsen said...

I'm with you. I just made an advent Calendar to help me celebrate the season and the "reason" each day with the kids.