Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fairytale Ending

I discovered Shabby Apple totally by accident and I have been eyeballing their dresses for waaay too long. I actually just ordered my first dress and it came -- today! I was even more excited to hear about their little contest on their blog. So, without further ado, here is my Vignette! I call it "Fairytale Ending."
Here's my story. I was (and still am, a little bit) a tomboy. Dresses were not for me. Neither was makeup, the color pink and many other things that would scream "girl!" Fluffy was out. You could ask most of the people I went to high school with and if you told them that I was okay with dresses and even wore make-up occasionally, they would laugh. I had boys that were scared of me, and even an offer to play on the football team from a couple of the players.
Now, bring us all forward 10 years later. I have found my prince (and a handsome one he is) and have 3 little princes (or terrors, depending on the day) and one little princess (just ask her.) And guess what? I have figured out that playing with a little make up, doing my hair and putting on a fabulous dress is not only fun, but helps me feel sexy! That's why this would be a fairytale ending for me. A beautiful dress with a bold color, a step away from the safety of black (with a very feminine name of "Ballerina"), shoes with the name "Beautiful", because aren't we all and a fun, flirty ("Daffodil") bag that can be clutched or looped over a wrist. Simple sophistication with a grand entrance!
Check out Shabby Apple for your "Fairytale Ending" and find something fabulous for you today! Also, check their blog, see if I'm in the top 5 for the contest. Help me to win something amazing!

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