Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why I LOVE Edible Arrangments

Like any woman, I love flowers. There's something nice about having some fresh plant-life in the house, to bring the garden inside. My loving husband just doesn't feel the same way. His response: Flowers die, why would I buy you something that's just going to die? It's a fair arguement on his part, but I like flowers.
Then we discovered Edible Arrangments. This love-affair started as an ad in a magazine on the plane and has "blossomed" (flower pun) into reality as Calgary has been blessed with this company's arrival. And now that there's a store on our end of town-- heaven.
Here's the latest of my gifts from the hubby (thanks hubby!). Chocolate covered strawberries... Chocolate, always good, and the strawberries were to die for. There's just something so satisfying about chocolate with fruit. Healthy meets heavenly.
The moral of this story: If your hubby is anti-flowers like mine, this is the better alternative.

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Cairns said...

Ooooo I am jealous, I definately need to get Wes to hang out with Clark more! By the way I must not be any woman because I have the same opinion as Clark on flowers, why spend so much money on something that will die?