Monday, July 18, 2011

Canada Day

Every year for Canada Day, we head out to Airdrie for the Canada Day Parade.  While I love the excitement and floats involved in a much larger city's parade, there's just that hometown feeling still to the Airdrie one.  There are still people who throw candy and hand out things, so the kids have a really great time.  Happy 144th Canada!

There was a little bit of a lull at the very beginning and the Mounties took advantage of it and wandered around and talked to everyone.  Caleb was more then willing to jump up for a picture!

Great thing about parades:  the kids for the most part, sit and watch.  Something they aren't inclined to do most of the time.

Where there's a mascot, Caleb will follow.  (And Kyrie run away, panicking.)

Hello Happy Family!

Doesn't this look like a good picture for a Remax ad?

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